Job Vacancy

Job Description: Bookings Administrator

Posted 23 May 2021

We anticipate this role will require approx. 6 hours per week. These hours need to be flexible and managed on a need basis. A trial period of 3 months will be set to assess this role and the hours required. More time may be needed at peak times.

A: Hirers

  1. Respond to email or phone enquiries in a timely way
  2. Arrange hall viewings for prospective hirers
  3. Answer queries throughout the booking process
  4. Book, invoice and provide receipts via the Hallmaster platform.

B: Bookings

  1. Generate all bookings, invoices and receipts through Hallmaster
  2. Manage Hallmaster, updating settings where needed
  3. Keep the public calendar (google calendar) up-to-date

C: Marketing, Publicity and Notices

  1. Keep internal noticeboards up to date
  2. Ensure outside noticeboard is up to date
  3. Keep listing up to date on
  4. Keep Facebook page up-to-date
  5. Ensure website is up-to-date
  6. Market events where appropriate on Hall Facebook page and in Village group

D: Committee and Caretaker

  1. Update google calendar
  2. Liaise with caretaker
  3. Liaise with committee
  4. Referring feedback on the hall facilities to the caretaker and to the committee
  5. Providing regular updates to hall committee via email and at committee meetings
  6. Liaise with treasurer to ensure invoices are paid
  7. Keep monthly records of payments for the Treasurer

Please send in a curriculum vitae and covering note to

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